An indispensable report to prevent your client from being surprised about liquidity provisions

Family offices and wealth managers educate their clients on the risks and rewards of investing in hedge funds. Often overlooked in that education is the real meaning behind the hedge funds' liquidity provisions. Sharing a common provision like the one seen below doesn't mean the investor understands the effect it can have.


For a lower fee schedule the investor can select a 3 year soft lockup with one year rolling soft lockups. During lock-up periods, redemptions can be made quarterly with a 20% gate on 45 calendar days written notice. Otherwise, 100% redemptions are permitted on your anniversary at quarter-end, and each anniversary thereafter, with 20 business days written notice. A 10% holdback is applied until audit is done.

We've translated for you the myriad of liquidity provisions into dates and schedules in

Not knowing the real outcome of a provision like the one above can be embarrassing in front of a client, and a sore point in relations when the investor is advised on the negative outcome.

Our customers at have many one-of-a-kind reports at their fingertips. Reports that can tell them how much can be liquidated and when, all in one click. Alerts even remind them when deadlines are approaching.

One of those reports translates the legal provisions for withdrawals into dates and schedules. A handy report for anyone who needs to know the true effect of liquidity provisions - and educate their client on it. The report has been in such high demand that we've decided to give it away here.